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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Initial setup process and fees?

- Establish needs & offer a contract for service
- Notify all insurance companies of change
- Transfer your data to our system or use your system to process billing.
- File practice name with electronic insurance filing third party carrier.
- IMBS charges a flat percentage of receivables.

How do you resolve Customer Service issues?

IMBS has an exceptionally well trained staff that takes care of each issue as it arises. The staff at IMBS takes all questions seriously. They do their best to help resolve all problems as quickly and effeciently as possible.

How does our office provide information to IMBS?

We have a full time courier for local offices(we can establish a pickup and delivery schedule), or alternatively you can send information by email, fax, or regular mail.

What will this cost my practice?

Since our services are customized to fit the unique needs of each practice we represent, we can establish pricing only after learning more about your practice. Simply contact us with some information, and we will provide a quote to your practice within 2 days.

Does IMBS answer patient questions about claims and account balances?

Yes, we provide outstanding customer support where the patient will never have to be directed through an automated system. IMBS's Staff answers all calls with a live professional and courteous billing specialist. We represent ourselves as your practices billing department, which is the most efficient way to ensure that all inquiries are directed to IMBS.

How does IMBS ensure patient privacy?

All Staff at IMBS have received HIPAA Training. We ensure all protected patient information is kept Strictly confidential.

All calls are screened to make sure that we are speaking with the responsible party for each account.

Why should we outsource our Billing?

- You will save the costs of an employee, no payroll taxes or disability.
- There will be no sick days, maternity leave, or vacations.
- You don’t need to worry about supplying a computer, space, or equipment
- No more HCFA forms or envelopes.
- Increased Cash Flow
- High Collection Ratio

It also eliminates training costs and pricey medical billing software. Our company wants to help you focus on being outstanding providers and leave the medical billing to us!

Our staff is fully trained and ready to start immediately

What Billing Software does IMBS currently use?

We currently use the practice management of e-MD’S and E-clinical works (ECW) for all your PM/EHR needs